Three Virtues Vegetarian Restaurant


Shop D 4/F, JD Mall, 233-239 Nathan Rd, Jordan (at Bowring St, Jordan MTR Exit C1)
Hong Kong


Phone: +852 2856 1333

Description & offer

True Cantonese Buddhist Cuisine in Authentic Setting

Three Virtues offers an honest version of the true Cantonese (Hong Kong) Cuisine in a truly Chinese traditional setting. The selection is excellent, the presentation lovely, and the taste - heavenly. Dining among the boisterous groups of families is an experience worth having on its own. Dim Sum, a typical Cantonese breakfast/lunch dish, are served at lunch. Prices are reasonable and dishes are meant for sharing. A satisfying meal for a couple would cost HKD 125.

While this cuisine has become so popular as to represent for many what what "Chinese food" means, it is sometimes inaccessible to vegetarians and vegans due to its heavy reliance on animal-based products. In the grand tradition of Buddhist dining, Three Virtues does away with most animal foodstuff and renders faithful Cantonese dishes using mock meats, fish and shellfish products. Nothing on the menu contains any of these products, and the occasional dishes that include eggs are clearly marked.

Menu in Roman letters with sometimes amusing English translation is available. The stuff speak little but Cantonese, but the friendliness of the servers (and fellow diners) helps overcoming any language barriers.

The restaurant is located on the second floor of a nondescript building, a short walking distance from North Point station. The entrance is recognizable by the food stall located on the street level. Three Virtues is one flight of stairs up.

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Vegetarian with vegan offers

Vegetarian with vegan offers

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